About Us

Our Company

Comercializadora VORTEX C.A., is a retail company founded in November 12th, 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela. Our vision is to be the leader on selling of digital goods. Our mission is to provide the widest variety of gift cards with secure payment in cryptocurrency and fast email delivery.

Our Story

We started on the e-commerce business in 2004 selling successfully through MercadoLibre Venezuela where we reached over 2,500 positive transactions. Afterwards, we expanded our business selling on eBay reaching over 500 positive transactions. Lately, we opened business in MercadoLivre Brazil where we have reached over 80 positive transactions. In total, over 3,000 positive transactions. The links to our e-stores on MercadoLibre Venezuela, eBay and MercadoLivre Brazil are on the bottom part on our website.
In 2006 we started focusing more on selling digital goods. In 2011 we went online with our website, World of Giftcard. Since then, we have been selling gift cards with email delivery all over the world. We also have continued selling through our other e-stores on the other websites. It's been more than a decade on the e-commerce business having over 3,000 proofable happy customers.